Disciples Making Disciples

Equipping and Encouraging the Church in Botswana

God has called every believer into some aspect of ministry. Ministry is a responsive act of worship to God. We do this not earn our salvation, but because we are already saved. Works must follow our faith. If we believe that God is truly our Lord, then we will joyfully and enthusiastically do whatever He has purposed for us.

God has led us, equipped us, and prepared us to serve Him in Botswana where James leads in various Biblical training events and Wendie leads various outreaches to Children. As experienced teachers, we get excited about discipling and equipping leaders. Even more, we long to help these leaders stand firm against evil spiritual influences that have invaded many churches.

The Great Commission says “make disciples … teaching them to obey everything” that Christ commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). Further, we are commanded, “What you have heard from me [Apostle Paul] in the presence of many witnesses entrust [teach] to faithful men [both men and women] who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

“Our hearts cry this for the people of Botswana, where we have witnessed the great need for discipleship. May God strengthen and equip His people in this land to His greater glory.

Please join us in asking the Lord to:

  • Fully integrate us into the culture and into our team as we seek to live as a community – serving side by side and ministering to one another.
  • Use us to our greatest capacity for His greater glory
  • Do a mighty work in us and in the people we serve in Botswana to draw us all closer to Him
  • Protect and strengthen our family, especially our daughters who are transitioning adulthood and careers.

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