Our Ministry

We now reside in the village Gabane Botswana, about 15 km (10 miles) west of the capitol city of Gaborone. This is an area where we live among the Batswana, which allows us to better develop relationships with the locals as well as learning the Setswana language and the Botswana culture.

James’ Ministry

James has been working with the Baptist Convention of Botswana to encourage and equip the churches in the area. This has allowed James to be engaged in various ministry activities, such as:

  • Pastoral counseling of pastors. Pastors need someone with whom to talk about their struggles. However, many find that there is too much cultural shame in sharing with another local pastor. James provides a non-threatening alternative to provide them with the encouragement they desire.
  • Biblical teaching. Many churches are struggling with access to quality training on the Bible. James draws on his bible college and seminary training to provide the desired training grounded in the Bible.
  • Leadership development. One of the struggles that many churches and ministries face is having high quality leaders. James works with these organizations to help them discover how to better develop their leaders.
  • Premarital counseling. Couples who are desiring to be married will likely face many challenges in their marriage. James and Wendie jointly counsel these couples in what it means to have a Biblical marriage. They draw on their more than 25 years of marriage sharing many personal examples.
  • Sports Evangelism. Sports is one of the fastest growing methods to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. James has made connections with a local soccer club in Gabane to provide them with some balls that contact the Wordless Gospel. This will allow James to creatively communicate the Gospel to the Nations of the world by telling the “Greatest Story Ever Told”.

Wendie’s Ministry

God has given Wendie an incredible passion and calling for ministering to children, especially the vulnerable and orphans. She has engaged in various ministry activities, such as:

  • Children’s outreach – Gaborone. Many children near our church desire to learn more about a saving relationship found with Jesus Christ. Wendie, along with others, facilitate a weekly children’s program reaching more than 120 children every week. They include play activities, coloring, bible stories, song, and dance.
  • Children’s outreach – Gabane. There are many children near our home in Gabane. Many come from single parent, usually mother only, households. There is little or no activities for the children outside of school. So when they are at home, they will find ways to stay busy, sometimes doing things that they should not. Wendie will be developing a weekly children’s outreach that will include establishing a playground, coloring, crafts, bible stories, and movies.
  • Foster Parenting. Botswana is a country that have been, and continues to be, ravaged by HIV-AIDS where nearly 25% of the population is infected today. While there are medicines available to help prolong the life of many, orphans are in need of ongoing care. Wendie and James are in the process of becoming certified as foster parents to be able to provide Christian love and care for these orphans in their home.

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