Give By Mail (Preferred)

Sending Donations by Mail

The preferred method for sending financial donations is to use your financial institution’s online bill payment option as it helps to minimize donation fees. Contact your financial institution for details on how to set up your automatic online bill payment. For your account number, please contact CMC at 1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729) prior to sending your first donation by bill payment. Tell them you want your donations to go to James & Wendie Clark in Botswana.

Online bill payment from your financial institution, checks or money orders are to be sent to Central Missionary Clearinghouse. Please fill out one of the forms with your first contribution only if you are mailing a check or money order. This form is not required when using the bill payment option. You will receive a receipt along with a pre-addressed return envelope for any future gifts. Please tear off the bottom of that receipt and return with any future gift.

Download First Contribution Form

VERY IMPORTANT: You must make your check payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (or simply CMC) to qualify for a tax deduction. Please do not write the name of your missionary on your check. It is illegal to claim a tax deduction for a gift made payable to an individual.

Maximizing Your Gift

Every mission agency charges the missionary for administration services. CMC charges us $2.50 per designation, no matter if it is a $5 gift or a $5,000 gift. Please take this into consideration as you decide on your gift amount. If you would like to give monthly amounts less than $20, please consider giving the same total amount, but either quarterly or semi-annually. For example, $10 monthly is $30 quarterly. But please do not list the months of support on your check, such as “For January, February, and March” as this will incur multiple designation fees.


IRS Tax Deduction

PLEASE READ: Contributions to CMC are qualified for Federal income tax deduction as allowed by law. All deductible contributions, whether designated or not, are under the control of CMC. CMC is committed to honor all designations, and if any designation is unacceptable, the donation will be returned.

Donor Privacy

The privacy of donor information is fundamental us. We do not, and will not, print in any publication (printed or electronic) lists of donors or donor personal information. Even within CMC, the privacy of donor information is restricted to only staff that require the information for the processing of gifts or the maintaining of a relationship with the donor.

Feel Free to Contact Us to answer your questions about the ministry.