Prayer is the foundation of the ministry. We look to God as the one who will show us what to do, where to go, how to do it, and the people to be. We say regularly that if God is not behind all that we do, then we don’t want to do it. We would appreciate your prayers knowing that God will provide everything that we need in His perfect timing.

God has called us to serve Him in the country of Botswana. But He did not call us to do this alone. We go in His strength, and we go with your encouragement. We ask you to consider joining us in this ministry. You can join us by becoming one of our prayer partners and faithfully praying for our family and our ministry throughout our time of preparation and also our time on the mission field.

There are two main avenues by which we share our current prayer requests.

  1. Newsletters: Please visit to signup. We normally send these newsletters via email every two months.
  2. Facebook: Please visit and ask to join the group. We regularly post news items, and prayer concerns.

If you would like to chat with us directly about any of the prayer items, please Contact Us.



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